Just look at it.

A cocktail in a pint jug

Ideal for the inverted Northern snob that I am!

You wouldn’t get me drinking cocktails.

Well, unless they come in pint mugs.

There’s a brilliant Billy Conolley ¬†sketch where he’s asking a barman about a bright green drink that he sees some guy having in a bar in Italy. The barman patiently explains a few times that the drink is called creme de menthe. Old Billy finally cottons on and says “Oh aye, I’ll have a pint of that then”.

I tend to agree.

But this mean thing was both evil and amazing.

It tasted good, I haven’t got a clue what was in it. And after the second one I didn’t care either! What’s just as important was that they were a fiver each. Brilliant!

We had a kebab after that. Apparently. On a Tuesday!

What were we thinking? Not much at all I guess would be the honest answer.

I’m going back to the kebab house tonight.

Reza on Westgate is worth saving up for to eat in. But hey it’s also great to take away and eating sitting on a bench just like it was fish and chips, but ideally with a bottle of red instead of the special brew that’s ideal to wash down your fish supper.

The joy of the north.

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