Cornwall – holiday heaven!

The rest of the journey down from Brum was uneventful, Shaun moaned like hell about the seating being built for midgets, and I just popped my headphones on and wrote up some stuff I’ve been intending to do for ages.

Shaun’s uncle, a fellow called Lou, met us at the bus station in Penzance and has been a great host, albeit that we really are sleeping in his shed. It’s OK though, it’s quite big and there’s lighting, music and stuff. Lou intended to work there initially, but has since taken an office further form home to create the difference he says he needs between the two.

I’ve been talking to him about the properties he lets out because I had that mad cap idea of buying a place in Italy a while ago. That idea didn’t happen, but the thought hasn’t gone away.

It seems that so far he hasn’t made a profit in the three years that he has run the business, and when I asked him why he stuck at it he shared all sorts of information that will help me in the future when I start doing my own thing.

We talked a lot about the responsibility for the houses and the potential of them not being looked after. He explained that having confidence in your insurer is massively important. He was saying that many people buy insurance but have little idea what they are covered for. He pointed out a good article on the site on what your insurance covers you for. For him he not only has to insure against the damage someone might inflict on his property, but he also has to think about cover in case someone claims that his property hurt them – perhaps a kid falling down a stair case or something like that.

It’s interesting stuff. I was lapping up the information on running a business too, and how he wasn’t that worried about not making a profit – he ploughs all the excess funds back into improvements, and that means that his cottages are far better than anyone else has. Good plan Lou!

Slide Wardrobes – helping out.

I have helped a few people putting in slide wardrobes over the past year, and just like labelling and database tasks, it seems that once you have done a good job for someone they share the story with their friends, and before long there are other folk ringing you up to have similar jobs done.

And for me it’s quite rewarding as the work is easy – OK the doors weigh quite a lot and if someone needs a job doing upstairs then you’re grateful of a bit of bel, but beyond that it’s an OK one man job, and an easy two person effort.

Slide wardrobes give you full room height storage solutions that make your room seem bigger, and help you hide all your stuff. Of course if you have a big room you can fit them quite a way from the wall, but even if you just have 80 or 90 cmd spare space you can still have a huge wardrobe.

There are quite a few place stat supply the doors with runners and all the shelving options you could wish for. I have started to recommend Slide Wardrobes Direct because they have got everything right every time I have worked with their product, and the people have said the prices are good too. Look at some of the lovely options on this link: Great slide wardrobes.

It’s quite funny that I have started doing jobs like this considering I just peel my clothes off at night and leave them on the floor, on my floordrobe as I call it.


It’s good for me because I don’t think I’d go looking for work, but it is good when something comes along.

Stock Taking. And responsibility.

Most of the time I just slob my way through life.

I’m good at studies, but that’s largely because I actually enjoy learning and understanding new stuff.

Good at studies, but I feel that I’m useless at pretty much everything else.

Fortunately I keep finding new bits of work when I’m down on funds that feel like a college assignment. This beer job that I mentioned is brilliant. The guy who owns the business used to work in a bank, but when he got made redundant at forty five he sat down and worked out exactly what he wanted to do. He decided that he wanted top do two things – own a campsite and run it super well, and own a small brewery.

He decided to perfect the brewing first, and he has done a blinking good job. At the moment he has an IPA, a mild (which he assures me is going to come back into fashion), and an amazing brew that he calls a dark IPA, it’s smoky and chocolatey at the same time. You couldn’t have more than a couple at a time, but it’s a memorable flavour. His isn’t Buxton obviously, but this is a similar ale, and a similar high strength.


I introduced him to DataLabel and ordered a set of custom self adhesive labels that are linked straight to a barcode scanner, and then onto his database. These will help him track what stock he has, what age it is, and by doing that he’ll know what he need sot shift and when, without having to go back through his records every time.

He asked me how much I wanted to do the job and I said two hundred, and do you know what? He said no, have three hundred, and half a mini keg of each brew, with the simple proviso that I have a party and share on Facebook where the beers are from and where to buy them.


Only trouble is I’ve never had a party before – but I’m sure as hell going to do so now.

What a cracking job!

I might just be able to cook!

Sunday night.

And the Dude has been entertaining!

I cooked up for a few of us, including the gorgeous Kristen.

We drank the beer of kings – Special Brew!

But the important thing was the dinner that I cooked from scratch.

Called a tagine, I cooked lamb again, but in a completely different way to the other night.

I bought a pound of diced lamb, and a load of different spices from the Grainger Market – look at this, it’s the whole thing that started me off…


mm -glug is amazing.

All I did was walk in and said that I fancied cooking some lamb in spices, and within a few minutes the girl had mixed what she called a ras-al-hanut or something like that. She said to rub the diced lamb in it and fry it off, then casserole it very slowly with some dried fruit and stock.

I looked online before I started and it didn’t seem much more complicated than that.

Four hours in the slow cooker in the flat and the whole place smelled like an amazing restaurant.

The kids couldn’t believe it was all my work.

Nor could I!

I might try to make a habit of this cooking thing. I’m sure I could trade special meals for something I need.


The DIY Dude

There’s no way that anyone who knows me would expect to see this title. DIY Dude is not a moniker I deserve in general, but today I excelled myself and mucked in with dad to build some great new wardrobes around at the folk’s place.

Their house is just a normal little place, but ever since I moved out my old room has been used as a great big store for everything they didn’t know what to do with.

Until now that is.

I’d seen an ad for some sort of wardrobes online and showed dad. We decided to order this wardrobe door from, and while home furnishings don’t exactly turn me on, I have to admit these are brilliant.

All we had to do was carefully measure up the space, decide what bits we needed to finish off the look and feel of the wardrobes and then place the order. We were both nervous about whether or not we’d be able to do the fitting job, after all dad isn’t that much more practical than me. But with a bit of care and attention we secured the tracks to the floor and ceiling, and gradually built ourselves up for the moment of truth when we tried to slot the doors in – and it worked! First time.

We were both chuffed to bits, and mother couldn’t believe it.

So now one wall in my old bedroom is a great long wardrobe, with shiny orange doors, and inside there’s a mix of hanging and shelves. It’s probably the smartest thing they have owned in absolutely years, and yet it didn’t break the bank.

The old man sent me off with a couple of bottles from his stash in the sideboard – that’s high thanks from him. I didn’t care, I was happy we didn’t have to call his bro to get us out of trouble. It was easy.

Don’t ask the Dude to help with any other projects though. One success doth not a DIY God make. No illusions.

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