Stuff – at a price!

Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t care a lot about stuff.

I was so over the moon when I was paid an iPad for some work and I’m sure that it’s my favourite possession, the blue tooth speaker I got for the work at Richer Sounds setting up their labelling system and then going through the stock is pretty cool too, but for some reason or other I just had the most mad email that was targeted so badly by being sent to me.

It was from a B&O shop in town, and was offering me their latest quite amazing looking TV. Look at this baby:

unnamedIt is probably too big to even fit into my little room, but here’s the best part – the email goes on to tell me that it’s available at just £199 a month.

How much?

That’s the sort of money that I see cars advertised at. That is insane.

Even if you are earning a huge amount of wedge a month would you really go and spend that much on a telly?

Surely it will still show that same shit as a pretty good Sony or something that you could buy for £199 full stop? And then there might even be one that is small enough to fit into my place.

Well it’s all madness to me and I don’t really care, but it did make me laugh.

I didn’t even get to find out how much the full cost of the beast is, let me retrieve it a sec.

Ha! It is £7,200. I bet there are new cars for less.



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