North Wales

For a complete change of bank holiday scenery The Dude has headed out to North Wales.

This was quite a journey on public transport, first trekking by coach over to Liverpool which took far longer than should reasonably be expected, then meeting up with some Scouse kids from the course who thankfully had a car.

Yesterday we went on what they called The Precipice Walk – I was expecting some hard core climbing, but it was actually most gentle, but absolutely beautiful. At one point we could see for miles across mountains to the sea and I felt quite moved by it all, even though we got quite wet.

Not surprisingly though there has been a lot of drinking interspersed with a little bit of walking. I’m at the table in the little cottage that we’ve rented now trying not to allow the waves of nausea to get to me.

There are bottles all over the place, and George didn’t even make it to bed. Somebody has put a blanket over him and he’s snoring away on the sofa.

I’m hoping we’ll walk up Cadir Idris today, just the sound of it invokes dragons and mystery to me. But I’m not sure there’ll be any movement from the carnage any time soon.

I’m going back to bed in the hope I don’t have to throw up.

Sorry to bring this beautiful place down to the level of real life student world. I’ll come back and enjoy it properly one day I hope.

Precipice Walk

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