Manchester and the lovely Kristen

Well I’m just back from a strange adventure and I don’t know whether to be excited or gutted.

I borrowed Mike’s car, a shitty old Fiesta that’s absolutely hanging, but I negotiated it into the agreement when I said I’d take on Bess, his dog for a month while he’s at home with his parents doing some painting in an effort to secure some cash.

I went to see Kristen, the mysterious Indian girl who I met at a party in town a few months ago. I have to admit I fantasise about her often and wanted to see if I had a chance.

Fat bloody chance!

I spent have of Saturday night trying to summon up the courage to kiss her. In the end I asked her if that would be OK, and she knocked me dead.

She didn’t actually hit me or anything.

She did worse than that.

She told me she’s in love with a girl called Suzy and although they’re not an item, they get it on whenever they get the chance.

I was gutted, I ached, I felt I’d been slapped, and I could have easily sunk into a sulking depression that might have taken me days to over come, but then she said that provided I knew that and didn’t get carried away then of course I could kiss her!

It was just a peck on the cheek in the end. I don’t really know what else to do anyway, and I felt a bit of a fool.

Even despite that though we had an amazing time and I hope that I can be her friend. I’m utterly confused by the whole thing and I think now that I know I haven’t got a chance I fancy her even more.

And Manchester? Well, rain town is pretty good really.



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