We still love the north!

The bus is now winding its way between a few stop offs before we pull into Newcastle.

Thankfully it’s a bright morning. We’re both too tired from the travel to talk much, but we both said earlier how interesting it is to feel your spirits lift, despite the early hour, as we approach familiar territory.

It isn’t going to look quite as tempting as it does in this shot, but I’m waiting to see the bridges in a few minutes time.

tyne-bridge1Cornwall was a great experience. We had amazing weather nearly every day, and it was so warm too.

People sais that it would be crawling with tourists, but only the pub in Sennen Cove was busy, the one at the top of the hill, The First and Last, was quieter and the food was both better and cheaper. They had a band on Saturday night and the atmosphere seemed like it was going to get a bit hectic then.

There were a couple of lads getting so horribly drunk on VRBs, and no one seemed to bat an eyelid when one of them did a classic full on rejective vomit across the bar. He was thrown out like, but still, even that seemed like it was a regular affair.

Shaun’s uncle Lou had had enough by then anyway, and so we walked the couple of miles home across the cliff tops. That was an experience in itself, and a good one.

So to sum up – it was a great thing to do. Living in the shed would have been grim, but the weather was great and so we were only in it to sleep. Shaun and I fell out most days, but never for long, and Uncle Lou was a great guy who I have learned lots from.

I’ll go again, I’d love to. But right now I’m looking forward to bed more than anything else.


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