Last night we were in The Griffin.

It’s not a flash boozer by any stretch of the imagination.

But beer isn’t too stupidly expensive, and they have a DJ on some Saturdays who plays old rock, and last night was brilliant.

Bowie when we walked in. Dad wouldn’t have music played in the house when i was a kid. What a shame as I’m sure I’d have known Bowie much earlier if the folks liked the radio more.

The Stones – Get Offa My Cloud.

Bryan Ferry, or Roxy Music.

The Doors.

Loads of great music, and we didn’t even notice that they carried on serving until well late. We rolled out at 12.30 or so, having got serious beer goggles for the few girls who were in there dancing. Girls we wouldn’t have noticed when we were sober, but girls who became beautiful, Goddesses, with the consumption of many pints of dodgy Czech lager the name of which I’d never heard before.

Shaun had a bottle of whiskey back at his.

And cards. I hate playing cards whether sober or drunk. I can’t be bothered to learn the stupid rules of all the games, but I know I’m alone in this. I should just get over it. I know I’m missing out.

What I’m not missing out on is a headache. Mine is banging like a bastard.


And it’s mid afternoon already.

Assignments to write.

Breakfast to eat.

Life to live.

Backing The Toon Army As We Head To Spurs

Yeah so you know that I’m a Geordie lad and that I’m born and bred here, which is something that I would never change because quite simply, what some believe to be a town of drunks and students, we see our very own capital of the North.

So now that you know I’m proud to be northern, you’ll understand that football is more than a sport up here, it’s a way of life… The Toon Army thrill and delight every Newcastle born football fan, regardless of their background.

Being a student I find it hard to be able to get down to the matches because money is tight almost all the time but that doesn’t stop me from wearing the badge proudly and getting there when I can.

Well now is the time that I can once again get my Remy shirt out and show the world that I’m a true Magpie, I’m making the long trip to White Hart Lane this weekend to watch us give Spurs the beating they deserve.

Yeah we’re middle of the table at the minute but the fact is, we don’t have the funds to be flashing out on buying titles like Chelsea and Man City have done previously, nope we take our players from under the radar and show the league what we have to offer.

I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to the trip with the lads as it’s been a while since we last travelled to London, so not only will the train journey be a good laugh, we get to watch the Toon continue their destruction of London based sides (Chelsea were the latest to be pushed to the side).

Getting into the spirit of the weekend ahead, we have decided that we are gunna have a little fun within the travelling group, we’re going to all throw a couple of quid on a 6 match accumulator and include the Toon as a win, to see if we can make the trip a whole lot more worthwhile.

No copying, no copping out (or you are the first to get the drinks in) and all Premier League games. Should make for a reet laugh.

All bets have to be made before Thursday night and shown to the lads at Goals so that we can compare… Remember that the aim is to not only win but to also get the best return. No betting over what we said or you’re getting the drinks in!

Online tools like a bet calculator (found this site as example) can be used to help with working out your bet but no professional tipster advice allowed because we what this to be even don’t we lads? (yeah reet!)

Reet that’s it for now, see you all at Goals on Thursday night and don’t be late this week!

Dating and its trials

I have absolutely nothing against dating.  When you’re single, you sometimes want to enjoy companionship with a girl rather than spending all your time with your friends.  Over time, I’ve learned a few things about dating, both good and bad, that I think are worth sharing.

Keep an open mind about whom you want to see.  We all have preferences about what types of girls we like and mine are pretty definite.  I’ve found that it’s quite easy to fall for the type of girl you never thought you’d even want to chat up.  There’s nothing wrong with having your standards about women, just don’t become so bound by them that you miss out on the one that could be just right for you.

Don’t make the mistake I did once of not giving a girl a good impression.  If your flat isn’t that great or you detest cleaning, it might not be a good idea to invite a girl there straight away.  Another thing I’ve learned to consider is that I need to make the effort to look good.  I’ve learned that girls often expect more than my mates from university generally do.  The way I think of it is what if I meet the right girl and scare her away because of my student flat or a sloppy appearance?

Dating can be a lot more expensive than it seems at first.  A recent date where I travelled from Newcastle to London cost most of my week’s budget.  I want to have a good time, but I also want to keep some money.  I’ve learned that you need to keep costs in mind; otherwise a date could end up being a major disappointment.

I’ve found that dating websites are a great way to meet new girls.  Loads of people see dating websites as places only weird people frequent, but they do make things a lot easier, especially if you’ve been burned and want to be careful whom you date.

Dating has its share of problems, but the good outweighs the bad.  I don’t regret any of the chances I’ve had to meet great new girls.

Going out on the cheap

As a young guy, I like going out a lot, but as a student, that means going places where you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time.

I love eating out, but that’s a restricted activity due to lack of finances.  My parents take me to nice restaurants occasionally, particularly if it’s a family special occasion, and that’s great because the food is good and they treat me.  There’s nothing like enjoying good food when someone else is picking up the tab.

There are restaurants around the uni that market to students and give you a discount if you flash your matriculation card, but even with the discount, it’s not something that most students can afford to do every week.

What we generally do instead is organise a meal at a flat.  Everybody brings a plate, and then we all tuck in to a sometimes extremely random combination of foods.

We went to Jordan’s last week, and I had tuna pizza, deep-fried aubergines, vegetarian chilli, macaroni cheese, hash browns and sweet potato wedges in one serving.  Still, I’m sure that I had my 1 of 5 fruit and veg and other essential foodstuffs all on one plate.  And it was all delicious.

My contribution to these gatherings is bread – no, not home-made, but bought from the local deli, as my cooking is pretty dire and I would hate to be responsible for an outbreak of some awful food poisoning.  Imagine, I’d never be able to walk about the campus again without people nudging and whispering about me.  No, no, I bought the bread, which is much safer and always appreciated.

Another place that we head to is the Student Union; our union is a really good one with loads of good gigs on most weeks.  There’s always something going on, like disco, a live band and quiz nights in the evenings, and it also has a really good atmosphere during the day.

There’s also a café I frequent, and I have to say that their full English is the best I have ever tasted.  It works a treat when I wake up with a hangover and don’t know what to do with myself.  A burger and chips with a pint at lunchtime is a favourite with me too.

Students meet up at the Union, sit and study or just hang out there, so it’s a good place to go to when you’re in need of a bit of company.  I must admit, it’s one of my favourite places to hang out.


Winter fun in the white stuff

When my uni mates and I have time for a holiday, the top choice is always a snow break. The buzz I get is like no other! Give us snowboarding or skiing over a beach trip any day.

Beach and booze holidays are definitely yesterday’s choice. I do enough lying around doing nothing at uni, so by the end of term I’m ready for an adrenaline packed snow break.

It’s almost worth it just for the apres-ski. Ski birds are top quality, always up for a laugh and a few bevvies. If I could get a job as a ski or snowboarding instructor, I’d drop uni. Those guys are sorted. Surrounded by totty and mucking about on the slopes all day. Heaven.

I do like skiing, but I prefer snowboarding. Being snow-sports they are both on the cool side (literally), but snow boarding has the edge. It’s not just the gear and the girls, it just seems a lot more straightforward.

According to the marketing monkeys, this year a whopping 85 per cent of students will travel abroad. Not exactly a surprise. And of those surveyed, 72 per cent would choose a ski trip over a beach holiday. Tell me something I don’t know.

There’s a guy in one of my lectures who goes to his parent’s chalet in the French Alps. I’m trying to get to know him more, but he’s a bit of a strange fella. If I wangled an invite, I suppose I’d be on the slopes all day and the bars all night, so I wouldn’t have to see much of him.


The things I’d do for a snow holiday.

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