The Dude gets eyes down and seeks his house

Now you should be getting a picture of The Dude by now.

I’m a bit of a home boy in that I haven’t travelled a lot outside of the hallowed tarmac and concrete of the Toon, but I am up for trying stuff and love the idea of a complete change one day.

In fact what I foresee happening is that you’ll be happily reading this one day and notice a slight lull in proceedings, then sit up in your chair as you recognise some extremely foreign landmark – an untoppled statue of Lenin, or better still Saddam Hussein, would fit the bill wonderfully well. I’m ignoring the spell check’s dislike of untoppled – it seems a perfectly reasonable word to me.

Anyway it was with a slightly calmer approach to this spirit of adventure that I sought our the joys of bingo bonuses online online last night, and netted myself a good evenings gaming, as well as an undisclosed sum which will keep me in beer for a week or so. It’s kind of an aggregator site for bingo I guess, not that I really understand the term. But it saves you trying loads of different sites – they have done the donkey work for you and you can just get on with playing.

I’d even go so far as to suggest that it felt quite a sociable activity as you chat with the other players as you go along.

I started off on their most recommended site, called Tombola it seems to be the country’s most popular site and I can see why. I got distracted by all the chat rooms on Tombola, but actually that was part of the fun as well.

Oh what will be next in this northern adventure?

Life fires me up right now and I’m loving every minute. Bingo? Who’d a thought it?


The Match, embarrassment, despite our win.

Bloody hell sometimes I can be a complete knob. There are those sweet folk who would question why I say sometimes, but hey, there are moments of brilliance to The Dude’s young life.

Yesterday wasn’t one of them. I started well, I even joined dad at the Poppy Day march in town, and I know he was chuffed, even though he’d never admit it.

I had Sunday dinner at home, that was great, a couple of day’s worth of food in a single meal, with a doggy bag to take back to the flat as well.

But then I admitted something that I’ll not be able to live down in ages.

I thought the match was away at London Irish, I thought we were going to the pub, and I just didn’t understand why dad was in such a rush to get away from dinner.

I was still furious with myself when we got to Kingston Park, so it was a good job that we played well.

The crowds aren’t as excited as I remember them being before we went down, but nonetheless it was great to be in the melee.

We had a few after, and then I staggered off, hopefully without being rude to the old man. And sat. Useless. Staring at the computer expecting to be able to conjure up the thoughts I needed for an essay about which I had done little research and so far have no real ideas. It was due in this morning, but I spent the day in the library pretending to browse the learned tomes, before coming home this evening with my friend Google and the determination not to copy anything I read. I’ll try not, honest!

Falcons this afternoon

Watching The Falcons has always been a roller coaster ride, even back in the day when dad and I used to go, sometimes with his dad too. I used to have to sit in the back room in the boozer with all the women, and for all you southerners reading this thinking that I must be about eighty years old, well actually that was just a few years back.

When we went down it felt like the end of the world, an ending that started when Jonnie moved to the south of France, not that I blame him. Who’d live in the north east when they could live in the south of France? And that’s even before you take into account the fortune he was paid to go down there.

But the parachute helped us keep a decent squad. It’s a crazy arrangement as it stops most teams staying down – well, except Worcester I guess, they’re a bit knackered, mainly because Exeter did so well in their first year. Rugby. It’s all about money really, no matter how it might feel at the grass roots level.

All that aside, I’m looking forward to this afternoon. We’ve got London Irish, the Exiles! We knobbed them a few weeks ago so they’ll be coming at us hard.

Dad’s coming too. I pulled off a lovely family stunt this morning and fell into step with him at the remembrance day march in town. He was beside himself, probably a bit angry as the closest I’ve come to serving in the military is a few weeks in the boy scouts, but then delighted to have his boy with him. We’re at the folk’s place now and we’ve just had a great Sunday roast and we’ll be off up the road in a minute or two.

Roast beef, all the trimmings, and then Rugby!

Sundays don’t get better than this!

Why online gaming is worth your time

Gambling - pokerSome people might argue that I have too much time on my hands because I know a fair a bit about online gaming.  I like my leisure time as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play and possibly earn a little extra money.  Really, why worry about it when the sites are there for the taking?

I’ve always enjoyed going to casinos.  There’s nothing quite like seeing people have fun with their friends while they ponder how much they can win.  I must say, though, that being able to play online is quite exciting when you don’t really have the time to go somewhere else to play.

If you need reasons to consider why you should start playing online, I have some good ones for you to contemplate.  Give online gaming a chance and you might be glad you did.

Gaming is a fabulous way to make a little bit of money pretty quickly.  Sure, you might not make enough to retire in one day but you might end up with a little extra for a night out with the guys.  You never know when your decision to try some roulette, poker or bingo online might pay off.

Playing with as little as £20 is often all you need to really get started.  If you pick games with good odds, you’ll get some sort of return for your money.  It might be as little as £20 or as much as £350 or more, as I managed to win over one short period.

What is there to lose?  I know that many people don’t have loads of money to lose playing games.  If you’re willing to try one of the gaming sites with just a few pounds, you still have a good chance of winning something good.  Don’t be afraid to at least try it out.

A productive illness

I’ve always been a bit weird, in that I quite like it when I get ill. I’m not talking about serious illness – of course – but being sick enough to prevent me having to get out of bed and do things.

Being ill is the perfect excuse to chill out and get round to doing all the things you’ve been putting off – like reading a book, or watching every episode of Game of Thrones back-to-back. However, there’s only so long you can do this before you start to feel bored and want to do something more productive with your time.

I’ve just recovered from a bout of flu that saw me bed ridden for a week.

The first couple of days were great, but I soon lost interest in my DVD collection and began looking for something a little more fulfilling to occupy my time.

I could have caught up with my uni coursework – maybe even got ahead of the rest of the class. I could have… but I didn’t.

Instead I started reading a novel and gave up; started writing a novel and gave up; tried to learn to touch-type and failed; did a lot of online shopping; spent several hours refreshing Facebook approximately twice every ten seconds; and even took a stab at learning the harmonica (unsuccessfully, of course).

By halfway through the week, I’d tried with the best of intentions to do an awful lot, but had ultimately failed to achieve anything. That was when I discovered a UK casino online website.

I’ve played a bit of poker online and occasionally with mates, but suddenly, with a lot of time on my hands, I started playing seriously.

I read up on every technique, learned the ‘psychology’ of playing online and decided to put it to the test; amazingly, the money started to roll in.

I decided I’d risk £20. If I lost it then I was fine with that and wouldn’t play anymore. By the end of the week, I was disappointed when I woke up with an unblocked nose and a clear head, because I’d earned a whopping £350 from playing online!

Who knew being ill could be so profitable?

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