Bright Orange Speakers

When I was in Manchester a few weeks ago with Kristen she took me to a bar called Electrik where I remember two things standing out.

One was the magnificent Redchurch Red Wing beer which we drank in two thirds portions instead of pints for some strange reason, but the beer was seriously tasty, as you’d hope at about four quid for a small pint.

The other was the bright orange speakers from EMAcoustics.

This whole post has come to mind as i saw the logo of EMA today online when I was reading about stage rigs, and suddenly I remembered that I had tried to locate the manufacturer on the cabinet, but had only been able to find the logo on the face which didn’t give me much to work with.

I was hoping that they may be affordable as I loved them in the bar, they sounded good too. But looking them up now I see that they are stupidly expensive – over a grand for most pairs, but what’s more they don’t actually supply in orange. The bar must have had them powder coated or something.

Well, good on them for thinking of it I guess.

I while back I did a cataloguing job for a mate who has a Richer Sounds shop. He gave me a pair of Wharfdale Diamonds for my troubles, the case is dented at the back of one, but you’d never know that if I didn’t tell you. They also work well in my small room, sitting on the shelf.

Looks like they’ll have to do for a while.


Stuff – at a price!

Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t care a lot about stuff.

I was so over the moon when I was paid an iPad for some work and I’m sure that it’s my favourite possession, the blue tooth speaker I got for the work at Richer Sounds setting up their labelling system and then going through the stock is pretty cool too, but for some reason or other I just had the most mad email that was targeted so badly by being sent to me.

It was from a B&O shop in town, and was offering me their latest quite amazing looking TV. Look at this baby:

unnamedIt is probably too big to even fit into my little room, but here’s the best part – the email goes on to tell me that it’s available at just £199 a month.

How much?

That’s the sort of money that I see cars advertised at. That is insane.

Even if you are earning a huge amount of wedge a month would you really go and spend that much on a telly?

Surely it will still show that same shit as a pretty good Sony or something that you could buy for £199 full stop? And then there might even be one that is small enough to fit into my place.

Well it’s all madness to me and I don’t really care, but it did make me laugh.

I didn’t even get to find out how much the full cost of the beast is, let me retrieve it a sec.

Ha! It is £7,200. I bet there are new cars for less.



NFC, RFID and the scary march of the amazing phone.

We’ve just been debating the march of the tech that sits in our phones and where it might take us in future.

The first iPhone came out in 2007 – less than seven years ago, and to my mind that led the charge. A few people had Blackberrys before then and they were amazingly cool, but it was the full on force of the touch screen than truly raised the bar. This was a gadget that did stuff that was sci-fi only a year before.

So what does it do now?

Well there’s radio, tv, tv on demand.

Then there’s books, maps, a compass and a torch.

Of course it’s a calculator, a computer and a dairy.

And then there’s everything you never knew you wanted from a few hundred thousand apps too.

But the exciting stuff that’s coming online includes its use as a key, a payment device and other stuff using RFID and NFC tech.

The wily Koreans and Japanese have been using tap to pay from their phones for years, but it’s only just arriving here. I predict that it’ll scare the life out of many people and there’ll be scandalous reports in the press on how we all risk having our bank accounts raped just as there was when Oyster Cards and stuff like that cmd out.

The conversation started from an article in TechMagazine that Paul had been reading, and it’s the stuff about locks that I find exciting. Imagine a hotel with no keys! Holiday Inn are apparently trialling it now and I’m surer it’ll catch on soon. It has to be better than the stupid little cared that so often fail meaning that you have to traipse all the way back to reception.

What next though, that’s what we wanted to know. We thought that perhaps if you have cars with keyless entry now, then why not have that controlled by your phone, and then the car could adjust itself from your girlfriend’s settings to yours when you get in. Then imagine losing your phone! No access to your car, hotel, bank, or any of the other bits – scary!


I have very few possessions in the world.

I like life like that.

I am enormously proud of the speakers that I was paid with the first time I did a database job for someone.

I love my RAF great coat that dad managed to get from one of his mates years ago and that I have worn most days since.

I have a single saucepan – but no ordinary saucepan, it’s a flame orange Le Creuset casserole, it’s big, very heavy, a little bit chipped, and I use it for everything I cook, unless I use someone else’s slow cooker.

And yet despite this spartan approach to the world of stuff, I have just fallen in love with a particular car. That might not seem like an odd thing to say, but I can’t even drive.

Dad’s dad had a crazy little thing called a Lotus 7. You think of Lotus and you think of low, fast and exciting cars that all seem to have names beginning with e, unless of course it is old enough to just have a number.

Grandad used to take me out in this Seven as he called it and it was the most exciting think that used to happen to me. He never had a roof on it, in fact I don’t know if he even had a roof for it. He always smoked strong cigarettes that burnt down really fast when he was driving. Dad tells me when I drag up the memories of the car that it wasn’t very fast by modern standards, but to my memory it was the fastest car on the road – and I have just seen its modern interpretation. It’s called a Caterham 160. It looks like this: and I want one! I don’t even care that someone who looks like a goth throwback as I do will look utterly stupid in it, I want one.


Rant time – phones at gigs

I love going to gigs, more than anything. Living in Newcastle, there’s always loads on – be it small, local bands that no one’s ever heard of, or bigger acts that are on a national tour, playing at the arena.

The experience of good live music is indescribable. Unfortunately, the rest of the world seems intent on ruining it for me.

There is no reason whatsoever to film a gig. I get that people want a memento occasionally and I’ve no problem with people filming a short snippet, or taking a couple of photos.

It’s the people who stand there for the whole gig with their arms in the air, filming the amazing live experience that’s unfolding in front of them, using a pathetically bad camera.

If you want to ruin your own experience by watching the gig through a tiny screen, be my guest. Go and do it at the back of the room though, rather than spoiling everyone else’s view.

My mate even told me he’d seen people filming at a gig with their iPads. I think he might have been winding me up though… I certainly hope so.

I always wonder if they ever actually watch the terrible videos they record. We’ve all seen them on YouTube; they’re almost always unlistenable.

I’ve got some news for these people, phones can’t record gigs; they’re too loud.

I don’t know why no one’s ever pointed this out before. It could have saved a lot of people a lot of time, effort and rage.

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