The fruits of my labour!

Friday night. Cash in pocket. And yet I’m not going out on the Toon.

I’m staying in with four cans of very cold Special Brew.

A curry from Adil’s down the street.

And my new speakers.

I was so chuffed with them that I decided to wait until this evening and have a proper listening session rather than just popping them on but not really appreciating them.

Most of the night is likely to involve the moody tunes of Mr Nick Cave, but first up is Indiana and her super sexy risque song Bound. I heard it last night and had to have it straight away.

And then there’ll be Mark Lanegan’s new album. It’s so mellow I’m not even sure that I’ll listen to it all straight away, I think it’s a gentle tone that I’ll need to gradually accustom myself to.

This is old man’s music and I know it, but don’t worry for the Dude. I’ll be on the hard stuff soon. Last nights Zane Lowe was amazing and thew up so much new music that I loved. I could spend all my labelling gains just on downloads. But I need to remember that what I need most right now is a great amp that’ll do justice to the speakers and the music. It’s all a bit compressed on mp3, but I’m trying to stay off css, just using vinyl and up to date.

My old man would be proud!

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