Best beef stew recipe – Beef in garlic and wine.

Tonight I have created a winner in the kitchen.

I have to record it so that I can do it again some time soon. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures. It didn’t last long enough!

Shaun had acquired a big joint of topside.

I have a big Le Creuset casserole that I found discarded and have cherished ever since.

And together we will feed an army of hungry students in a very fine fashion – even if only now and then. All they have to do to thank us is to bring a bottle of red wine to drink, and another bottle of red wine for the cellar that Shaun and I dream of one day owning – not a cellar in the sense that the Daily Telegraph might be excited by, just a few bottles in the corner of the bedroom will do us both fine.

Here’s what went in the pot tonight.

1.5 kgs of topside, sealed in the pan first.

a big onion roughly chopped

a bunch of celery

half a small jar of black peppercorns – honestly!

a bottle of red wine

the old jar of course grain mustard that has been there for ages

a bag of mixed lentils and grains

a bunch of carrots roughly chopped.

It went in the oven in the morning at full temperature. After ten minutes I turned it down to 100 degrees. And then forgot about it for a full six hours.

It fell to pieces and was utterly wonderful.

Oh bloody hell it was good.

Friday is sorted. Now, on with the wine.

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