Fish and Chips – luxury!

Can I say that the Great North Road Chippy is probably my favourite place to eat out on the planet.

When we were in Manchester we talked a lot about food, and Kristen took me to a Persian place that was quite amazing, interesting, and even felt healthy. But all the time I’m eating out some where I’m thinking about a fish supper at the Great North Road.

My order is usually fish, chips and mushy peas. The batter will always be crispy, the chips will have just the righ amount of crunch, and the peas – they’ll be an almost obscene bright green colour, and sweet. They’d scare some people, but I love them.

What’s most important once great flavour has been taken into account, is the value. I am not a dude of means, and eating out is usually a treat that happens on someone else’s budget. But even the Dude can afford to head up here now and again. It’s a fiver.

Throw in two cans of special brew and a dry evening sat on the bench down the road and you have a great night out for Sean and me.

A bit of a weaving ride home.

Maybe a nip of Sean’s whiskey, a few rounds of cards, and two happy lads fall asleep on the floor of his flat.


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