Films: The Selfish Giant.

20130903030737!The_Selfish_Giant_posterWow! This is a hard film.

Not nasty, no blood and guts or anything obvious like that.

Just deeply thought provoking. It actually made me want to take my folks to see it, bbut on second thoughts maybe it’s better that I just suggest they go.

We have never been properly hard up, and dad would always maintain his standards even when funds were tight because he wasn’t working. He had his leg in plaster for weeks once and they wouldn’t let him work, but then they paid him really low sick money, I remember that being a time of watching very penny, not eating enough, and no heating.

This film deals with kids who aren’t bad kids, but who make their own way and try to make a go of scrap metal – first by stealing someone else’s stolen cables, then trying it the hard way on the streets, but always tempted back to the theft route.

It’s hard, yet beautiful. It’s the friendship between two kids. It’s the wet Yorkshire grim mill towns. It’s a scene of pylons, or cooling towers, or just rough ground, that somehow touch you all the more because they are real.

Shaun insisted that we go, and that’s unusual for him as he’s nearly always in doors gaming, or trying to write his own game. But I am so delighted that we went. I feel strangely uplifted by what in actual fact was a quite depressing film. It certainly made me feel rich with the little I’ve got, and appreciative of the discipline dad metered out, even though I hated it at the time.


Silver Linings Playbook

After I’d been raving about how much I loved American Hustle the kids at college suggested that I check out Silver Linings Palybook, largely because it has both the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence, and the apparently gorgeous (well, I don’t think so) Bradley Cooper in it.


I somehow missed the whole thing when it came out a year or so ago, but I got it on iTunes last night (first time I’ve rented a film via iTunes, yes I know, I don’t care how backward anyone thinks I am. I am The Dude and The Big Lebowski is probably old enough to be available of VHS!).

All I did was watch the trailer online and I was hooked from the moment that a copy of Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms gets defenestrated and lands on the lawn of this guy’s parents house, and then he’s in their room debating the need for a happy ending to a novel.

That was it. I had to see it.

Even though it didn’t escape my attention that it’s genre was a Dude curdling “Romantic Comedy”.





Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany had me laughing, fancying her, and worse.

Cooper. Well, OK, I give it to you.

He’s not a bad looking guy.

Oh and there was that guy De Niro, you know the one?

And what I really loved was that I watched it on my own.

So often (as with American Hustle) the pressure of whether or not your peers will enjoy the selection you have raved about is enough to curtail, or spoil your enjoyment of the film.

But having said that I thought it was a bit sad to watch a film on my own.

I still do.

But I enjoyed it.

American Hustle!

american-hustle-posters-sonyLast night we went into town for a few beers, and a film.

I won the toss and chose American Hustle – what a beauty!

Of the three of us James thought it was shit.

Shaun liked it.

And I thought it was great.

It’s not a fast film, but I always like that.

It’s not a sexy film really, although there are element sod sexual tension. I’d have liked a lot more sex, but hey, it wasn’t needed.

It’s not violent – and I’m delighted for that. I hate it when there’s horrible killings through a film.

But what it was was a cool. Very cool.

Christian Bale looking so different since his last outing that I remember as the Dark Knight. Chubby. With a comb over.

Bradley Cooper was superb as an over keen FBI guy who so desperately want sot lead a double cross, but doesn’t realise that there are more crosses going on than he’d care to count.

And the girls? They were fantastic too.

Amy Adams was sexy, at times very sexy, and rarely wore much, despite full length dresses.

But it was Rosalind, Jennifer Lawrence, who was truly brilliant. She was the victim of Bale’s love for Adams, and her various names. She was clever, beautiful, buxom and I thought she was superb.

So why didn’t the other guys like it?

Silly buggers I reckon. Shaun was trying to be cool and not showing his love perhaps, but James genuinely didn’t see why he had wasted good beer drinking time and ten quid on going to see this.

But I love the Tyneside Cinema so much I would enjoy going to listen to the Archers there. Can’t wait for the new Cohen Brothers at the end of the month.

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