Bright Orange Speakers

When I was in Manchester a few weeks ago with Kristen she took me to a bar called Electrik where I remember two things standing out.

One was the magnificent Redchurch Red Wing beer which we drank in two thirds portions instead of pints for some strange reason, but the beer was seriously tasty, as you’d hope at about four quid for a small pint.

The other was the bright orange speakers from EMAcoustics.

This whole post has come to mind as i saw the logo of EMA today online when I was reading about stage rigs, and suddenly I remembered that I had tried to locate the manufacturer on the cabinet, but had only been able to find the logo on the face which didn’t give me much to work with.

I was hoping that they may be affordable as I loved them in the bar, they sounded good too. But looking them up now I see that they are stupidly expensive – over a grand for most pairs, but what’s more they don’t actually supply in orange. The bar must have had them powder coated or something.

Well, good on them for thinking of it I guess.

I while back I did a cataloguing job for a mate who has a Richer Sounds shop. He gave me a pair of Wharfdale Diamonds for my troubles, the case is dented at the back of one, but you’d never know that if I didn’t tell you. They also work well in my small room, sitting on the shelf.

Looks like they’ll have to do for a while.


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