Boxing Day with Nick Cave

I want to take a while to muse on the power of music.

So much music is drivel. But I guess someone must like even the most dire stuff that’s out there, otherwise it wouldn’t exist.

Thousands of kids, most of them girls, probably, definitely even, get very excited at the thought of One Direction. Probably indecently excited. Yet I think there is more talent in my gran’s tortoise (OK, I know I don’t have a gran, and of the two I once had probably neither has ever even encountered a tortoise, but that’s not the point.

But I don’t like that light weight stuff.

I have a broad church of tastes nonetheless. I love some classical stuff, and then it’s the heavier end of the scale in general. Beethoven’s 5th is probably my favourite piece of music and that essentially has only four key notes, then everything else hangs off them.

Today though it’s Nick Cave.


I was a good boy and went around to the folk’s place for Christmas dinner, and the old girl did us proud. Dad and I went to the Eagle and Child for a couple at mid day, then home for a mountain of turkey and vegetables.

Mother was in bits because she forgot to put the spuds in, but blimey, it was a good job, we had far too much food even without them.

Today though I don’t intend to go out of the door.

Da gave me the best present he has ever pulled from the sideboard. A bottle of Ardberg whiskey. I can only think that someone must’a given it to him, and as he doesn’t touch the hard stuff.

I don’t care what the reason is, I’m delighted, and I intend to drink a lot of it today, while working back through St Nick of the Cave’s back catalogue, starting with Push The Sky Away and gradually moving back old album an hour.

Need to be careful, keep the water intake high enough, or I’ll be hungover for the rest of the year!

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