About The Dude

Hey, I’m Dean, I am in my early twenties, but prefer to remain ageless!

I live in Newcastle where I am at university where I am currently studying International Business Management. I have lots going on and spend most of my time socialising, gaming or keeping myself up-to-date with all the latest gadgets.

My posts are most likely to be about the latest technology and my newest travels and dreams.

When I’m not travelling or studying, I work part time on all sorts of stuff.

I did work for a large phone manufacturer in a small, local shop. I probably shouldn’t name the business; however keeping up with my mates from my old job means that I am kept in-the-loop with all the new phones and new releases.

I’ll aim to write a couple of posts a week, but the number of posts will vary with my travels and how busy I am with university work and hangovers.

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